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Igloo Couleurs Jazz Vol.3
Record Labels Igloo
Phonographic reference IGL 167
Released December 2002
Media cd

Igloo Compilation. Various artists.

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1.   Upper West Side from the album : Philippe AERTS Quartet "Back to the Old World"  
  Philippe Aerts
2.   Don't Explain from the album : Ivan PADUART "True Stories"  
  Ivan Paduart
3.   La Pompadour from the album : SADI "Nonet"    
4.   La première fille from the album : L'AME DES POETES "Elle est à toi, cette chanson"    
  G. Brassens
5.   Back to track from the album : Alexi TUOMARILA "Voices of Pohjola"    
  Christophe Devisscher
6.   Débauche de majeurs from the album : Anne WOLF Trio "Amazone"    
  Anne Wolf
7.   Seeds of wisdom from the album : Manu HERMIA "L'Esprit du val"    
  Manuel Hermia
8.   Milonga mia from the album : Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE "Crossworlds"    
  Gustavo Bergalli
9.   Sencilla from the album : Charles LOOS - Weber IAGO "O sonho e o sorriso"    
  Charles Loos
10.   Lettres tunisiennes from the album : ANFASS : "Anfass"    
  Alain Pierre
11.   Sur la route de Ouakam from the album : Pierre VAN DORMAEL "Vivaces"    
  Pierre Van Dormael
12.   Silver spire from the album : MUSIQUE A NEUF "Traces"    
13.   I wonder from the album : ALCHIMIE "Alchimie"    
  Nicolas Kummert
14.   That someone else from the album : Marc LELANGUE "Greenville"    
  Marc Lelangue, Kevin Mulligan
15.   Dreamscapes from the album : STREAMS "Streams"    
  Diederik Wissels
16.   Bowling ball from the album : Maxime BLÉSIN "Bowling Ball"    
  Maxime Blésin
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